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ta-7800u chargeport 2Today more than ever guests are checking in with lots of electronic devices, and the first thing they're looking for are more power outlets. Your biggest challenge is putting more power at their fingertips without expensive rewiring. With ChargePort™ it's easy to add even more connectivity options for your guests. Along with power and USB charging, optional connectivity cables are available (sold separately). Use ChargePort™ to present a wired Internet access point or a TV/stereo audio/video access point for media players.

The ChargePort Universal is not certified for sale in Europe.

ta-7800u chargeport 1

ChargePort™ Description

Uniquely designed, ChargePort™ allows hotels to place AC and USB power outlets where guests need them most. Conveniently located outlets provide the power source guests need to charge smartphones, tablets, laptops and other portable devices. ChargePort™ is perfect for bedside placement so guests can comfortably use their device while it's charging.


  1. Durable construction designed for everyday use.
  2. 2x Universal AC outlets and 2x high-current USB ports.
  3. 10-Amp integrated circuit breaker.
  4. Optional cable chamber.
  5. Branding options available.

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