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DeskSpool™ Pro


DeskSpool ProThe DeskSpool™ Pro is an upgrade to the DeskSpool™ with a sleek, stylish design and 1,8M retractable Ethernet cable, clutter is at a minimum and helps eliminate lost or stolen cables. To minimize theft, the rear RJ45 socket is recessed. This makes removal of the DeskSpool™ Pro from the property Internet infrastructure very difficult.
DeskSpool Pro

Enhance Guest Experiences

With the DeskSpool™ Pro, guests no longer need to worry about whether they've brought a spare ethernet cable or not. The simplicity of the DeskSpool™ Pro allows guests to pull out and play right away, minimizing connection support calls to hotel IT staff and wasting the precious time your guests have with you.


  1. Creates a recognizable access point for HSIA.
  2. ThinLine™ RJ45 CAT5 1.8M retractable cable for a secure high-speed and reliable connection.
  3. Helps increase your daily Internet take rates.
  4. Solves cable management issues by eliminating cable clutter and lost Ethernet cables.

DeskSpool Pro

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