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DeskSpoolThe DeskSpool™ is a compelling product for the hotelier, service provider, installer and end user. It reduces the need for your guest to carry extra Ethernet cables and minimizes connection support calls to hotel IT staff. The retractable 0.8M Ethernet cable reduces clutter and helps eliminate lost or stolen cables.

Enhance Guest Experiences

The DeskSpool™ is an instantly recognizable Internet connection point which features a retractable 0.8m slimline Ethernet cable. This means guests no longer need to worry about whether they've brought a spare ethernet cable or not. The simplicity of the DeskSpool™ allows guests to pull out and play right away, minimizing connection support calls to hotel IT staff and wasting the precious time your guests have with you, the spool automatically retracts back when not in use, reducing the wear and tear of the spool.


  1. Creates a recognisable access point for HSIA.
  2. Slimline 0.8M retractable Ethernet cable for a secure high-speed and reliable connection.
  3. Helps increase your daily Internet take rates.
  4. Solves cable management issues by eliminating cable clutter and lost Ethernet cables.


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