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ConferenceHub™ USB


ConferenceHub with USBThe TeleAdapt ConferenceHub™ USB has the same multi-connection plug-and-play features as the original ConferenceHub, with the addition of 4 USB Ports to charge mobile phones and tablets. Setup is as simple as plugging into power, and connecting a live internet feed via a single CAT5 type connection. Now you can keep your guests and conference room meetings connected and charged.
ConferenceHub with USB

Enhance Guest Experiences

Don't let a dead battery slow down meetings or conferences, and dont make your guests get down on the floor to access power or internet. The ConferenceHub™ USB is the ultimate conference room accessory.


  1. Plug-and-play network setup.
  2. Four integrated retractable Ethernet cables per unit.
  3. 3 x 1 Amps and 1 x 2.1 Amp USB Ports.
  4. Allows for multiple, concurrent use of the network from one point.

ConferenceHub with USB

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